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and independent home life for single elders

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We have developed a system that reduces situations where elderly people with reduced coping capacity, people with disabilities or health problems are not left unaided or neglected in their own homes.

With our application, we make a big step closer to a better quality home service and closer to a worry-free work week.

For whom?

Mida vanemaks me saame, seda suuremat tuge vajame me enda lähedastelt. Tähelepanu, hoolitsemise ja hooldamise vajaduse määr sõltub küll paljudest teguritest, kuid kindlasti on see inimese vananemisega seoses kasvav. Üldjuhul suureneb tähelepanu, hoolitsemis ja hooldamise vajadus esmalt eaka inimese enda kodus.

Software solutions

If there is a home sensor in the home of the carer We give an application that provides movement information, information about closing and opening the door, room temperature etc, showing how a person in need of daily routine copes with them and what could be improved.

Our setup

Our information system collects data from wireless sensors installed in an elderly home and visualizes this data on the smartphone of a social worker or family member. In addition, the information system sends alerts when there are significant changes in the behavior of the elderly at home. By creating this information system, we want to give older people the opportunity to stay in their home environment for longer and independently. We also want to reduce the care burden on loved ones and provide them with a good overview of home delivery and changes to operational information for an elderly loved one. For example, the information system sends a message when there are no movements at home at normal times, etc. The information system also sends alerts when the room temperature of the elderly home has dropped below normal, etc.

Our offers

Package 1


– motion sensor 1p

SMS/email report:

-motion info

Package 2


– motion sensor 1p
– door sensor 1p

SMS/email report:

– motion info
– temperature info
– door opening/closing info

Package 3


– motion sensor 1p
– door sensor 3p

SMS/email report:

– motion info
– temperature info
– door opening/closing info
– fridge door
– grass cabinet door
– outer door


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