Son was coming home from abroad, and when he landed at the Riga airport, a notification came from the Koduandur system that there was no movement detected of his mother. He immediately called his sister, who was able to drive to their mother. When she arrived, it turned out that mother had suffered a stroke at home, so there was no movement.

Daughter called an ambulance, and their mother is fine today.
Koduandur helped save her life.

A 72-year-old woman who lives alone suffered a stroke one night, which left her unable to get out of bed. Early in the morning, Koduandur sent a notification to her daughter, and she tried to call her mother. When she couldn’t reach her mother by phone, daughter drove to her mother.

Upon arrival, daughter immediately called an ambulance, and thanks to Koduandur, her mother was barely able to be saved from major damage to her health.

An 88-year-old man living alone went to the bathroom in the evening, where he unfortunately fell and could not get up. At 23 his daughter received a notification that no movement had been detected either in the bedroom or in the corridor, where the second sensor was located. Daughter called her father, and when there was no answer, she drove to her father’s , where she found him lying helplessly in the bathroom.

Thanks to Koduandur, daughter immediately called an ambulance and her father received the help.

A 77-year-old man who lives alone slipped while walking into the living room and could not get up. As a result, the sensor did not detect movement for four hours and sent a notification to son, who tried to contact his father by phone. When he couldn’t contact his father by phone, he decided to drive over and found his father lying in the living room. An ambulance was called and the father was taken to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a fractured femur.

Thanks to the notification of Koduandur, father arrived at the surgery on time.

A 79-year-old grandmother with progressive dementia living with her grandson’s family was home alone when the young family had a long day at work. Koduandur has been installed in the kitchen, because the grandmother constantly forgets to close the fridge door, and thanks to the temperature sensor hidden in the Koduandur, it’s possible for her grandson to remind her to close the refrigerator when the room temperature starts to drop. This time, being alone at home, grandma decided to start cooking for herself and forgot the pan with the food on the working stove. The room temperature started to rise, and grandson at work was notified about it. Then he called the rescuers and rushed to the spot himself.

Thanks to Koduandur, a major accident was prevented.