The package includes 1 sensor (additional sensors can be ordered if necessary)

The motion sensor, which is installed in the most frequented room, gives an overview of the person’s movement and daily activities.

The lack of movement indicates danger, and the information system informs the contact person about it.

The temperature sensor ensures that the living spaces are neither cold nor too hot.

This is especially necessary for living spaces equipped with stoves or wood heating.

The package is available everywhere in Estonia

Notifications by SMS / E-mail:

– immobility

– sudden room temperature change

– Free Koduandur installation and instruction

-Real-time access to the Koduandur information system app.koduandur.ee to view movement (The first time you use it, you must register an account)

– The purchase price of the Koduandur is 120 euros

– The monthly fee for the service is 25 euros

-Koduandurwill be sent to the parcel machine that suits you!