Help is just a press away

In order to increase the security of our customers, we have also developed the Kodunupp, which works like an alarm button, but also records the person’s general activity (steps) and information about wearing the device (using a temperature sensor).

The device also works outside the home and sends GPS location information to the contact person outside. The device is equipped with a sensor that detects fall-like situations.

accident notifications

If an accident happens to a person, he can report that he is in trouble. The Kodunupp is equipped with an alarm button, which, when pressed for a long time, sends an SMS notification to the contact person about the need for help.


Kodunupp is a smart device that needs to be charged only once a month on a wireless charger.

fall detection

Kodunupp is equipped with a sensor that can detect a person falling.


In a situation where a person is unable to press the Kodunupp button when they get into trouble, the Koduandur detects when they get into trouble.

Overview of movement activity

While wearing the Kodunupp, the wearer’s number of steps per hour is recorded. The steps information provides an overview of the person’s activity and whether the device is being worn.

The Kodunupp is equipped with a temperature sensor, which provides information whether the device is being worn, outdoors or on a shelf in the room.

Accident notifications

If you get into trouble, help is just a press away. The information about pressing the Kodunupp reaches the control center and the contact person round the clock. To find out the reason for pressing the button, the customer is immediately called or a patrol is sent to check the situation.

The Kodunupp sends the GPS location information of the person in trouble, if the accident has happened to the person outside the home. When the button is pressed, the Kodunupp informs the person in need of help by flashing the LED light and vibration that the message about the need for help has reached the contact person or the monitoring center.